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US Marshall delegation visits

US Marshall delegation visits Partner Med Uni Graz and Biobank Graz


A delegation of high-ranking US representatives from various universities and other organizations visited Austria. On May 15, 2019 Medical University of Graz and Biobank Graz were in the focus.


The group of 8 people was welcomed and accompanied by the Austrian Economic Chamber during their one-week stay in Austria, where they visited research facilities and companies active in field of Life Sciences - Human & Biotechnology – the topic of this year's visit.


Renowned researchers at Med Uni of Graz, such as Kurt Zatloukal (Diagnostics and Research Center for Molecular BioMedicine,, Peter Schlenke (Department of Blood Group Serology and Transfusion Medicine) and Lars-Peter Kamolz (JOANNEUM RESEARCH COREMED) provided insights into the areas of expertise of life science research. The delegation participants were invited to a tour through Biobank Graz, in which they showed great interest.


Overall the US Marshall delegation was impressed by the activities at the partner Medical University of Graz and discussed opportunities for collaborations. A follow up meeting will be planed.



About the programme "The George C. Marshall Visit to Austria"

The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation supports cooperation between Austrian and American universities and researchers. Every year, the program "The George C. Marshall Visit to Austria" brings around 10 high-caliber participants from academia, academic research, decision-makers from business, politics and think tanks on different topics to Austria. Aim is to network with Austrian representatives from the same areas and to explore possilbe bilateral cooperation.



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