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Tyrolean anti-coronavirus nasal spray tested at partner Med Uni Graz


Antiviral nasal spray invented by Tyrolean scientists tested in the BSL-3 laboratory at Medical University of Graz


ORF Report - 22 Nov 2020


In the race for the best nasal spray against coronavirus also Austrian scientists are competing. The Tyrolean scientist Martin Werle and his team are developing a antiviral nasal spray that is currently test in the high security laboratory at the Medical University of Graz. Here Prof. Zatloukal (director of and his team test the new nasal spray for its effectiveness against the Sars-CoV-2 virus.


Experiments with culture cells whose docking sites for the virus are similar to those of humans. The viruses in the living culture cells are measured. The results from this are promising.


 "We are testing the effectiveness of the spray on cultured cells and these data look very promising. How this will work in humans has to be shown in clinical studies" emphasizes Prof Zatloukal.


The report was broadcasted at ORF (series "Konkret") (20 Nov 2020; 6:30 pm)


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Images: ORF TV "Konkret"