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Training course on open source biobanking software

Biobank IT experts attended training course on open source biobanking software



How to implement, use and maintain open source biobanking software tools was the topic of a workshop jointly organized and held by B3Africa, and BBMRI-ERIC.


More than 50 participants from 19 countries attended the 3-day Training Workshop on open biobanking software from Nov. 28 – 30, 2017 in Lyon, France, and had the change to receive a practical user training by international lectures having own experiences with the tools or by the tool developers.


Currently, over 40 different open source software tools for biobanks (such as LIMS software, software for data management, phenotyping, digital pathology or analyses) are provided for free in the online platform called BiBBoX (short for Biobank-in-a-Box). Particularly for small biobanks and newly established biobanks the tools are very supportive.


The tools provided in BiBBoX are already used in several biobanks of Africa (such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenia, South Africa) and further evaluated in European biobanks (such as Malta, Poland,  Czech Republic).