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Precision Diagnostics Europe 2021 Virtual Conference


Precision Diagnostics Europe 2021 Conference

25-28 May 2021


Topic of Precision Diagnostics Europe 2021 conference are quality aspects of molecular analysis and diagnostics required for Precision Medicine and Personalized Therapies.


Focus is put on most recent molecular methods including liquid biopsies and single cell profiling discussing sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility aspects.


The conference is arranged by the European efforts SPIDIA and SPIDIA4P ( with experts in international standardisation for in vitro diagnostics from industry, public institutions and the European Standards Organisation, CEN.


You will hear presentations from world leading experts in molecular analyses and biomarkers with focus on precision diagnostics, quality aspects and regulatory guidelines. Among the speakers is Director Kurt Zatloukal with a presentation about 'Pre-analytical requirements for in vitro diagnostic medical devices'.

You can also join hands-on training courses on various aspects of precision diagnostics held by experts.



Abstract submission:               30. 4. 2021

Registration deadline:             30. 4. 2021