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Precision Diagnostics Europe 2021



Precision Diagnostics Europe 2021 Virtual Conference - 25-28 May 2021


May 2021



Quality aspects of molecular analysis and diagnostics required for Precision Medicine and Personalized Therapies are the topics of the Precision Diagnostics Europe 2021 conference. The conference is arranged by Tataa Biocenter as the final meeting of the European Union financed project SPIDIA4P.


You will hear presentations from world-leading experts in molecular analyses and biomarkers with a focus on precision diagnostics, quality aspects and regulatory guidelines.


Among the speakers:

  • Uwe Oelmueller (QIAGEN, SPIDIA4P Coordinator, Convenor of CEN/TC 140 WG3)
  • Jens Habermann (BBMRI-ERIC, Director General BBMRI-ERIC)
  • Kurt Zatloukal (Med Uni Graz, Director
  • and many more speakers >>




LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER  - 15 May 2021 .. register now>>

Registration Fees [EUR]

  • Regular attendee: €300 
  • Student/Postgraduate: €200 




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