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New Vienna research center will accomodate Wien Biobank

New Vienna "Institute for Precision Medicine" to accomodate Biobank



At the partner, Medical University (MedUni) Vienna, an "Institute for Precision Medicine" will be established by 2026 with money from the EU reconstruction fund. 75 million euros are budgeted for this.


Med Uni Wien Biobank will expand to this new research center. The approx 15,000 square meters big building will accommodate biobanking infrastructures, in addition to new facilities for genome sequencing and  IT with a connection to Austria's fast high-performance computer - the "Vienna Scientific Cluster" (VSC).


The new center is being built on the MedUni campus in close proximity to the AHK, one of the largest hospitals in Europe, and thus to the clinics. The vision is to enable with this new center a real "selective treatment" with a "tumor fingerprint" and to do without the previously known therapies with many side effects, said Med Uni Wien rector, Dr. Müller.


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