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Museum exhibition about history of medicine - Trautenfels Castle

Special exhibition on "The Art of Healing" in Trautenfels Castle


                                                                           partner Med Uni Graz contributes with Institute of Pathology and Biobank Graz to special museum exhibition about history of medicine, modern medical technology and the development of the health care system.

With its contribution, the partner visualizes the importance of research and related biobanking in the medical context.


Where: Trautenfels Castle, Trautenfels 1, 8951 Stainach-Pürgg, Austria

When: April 9 to October 31, 2022, Daily 10 a.m. - 5 p.m



Exhibition object and movie about BSL-3 laboratory and info about biobank



BSL-3 Laboratory (Research & Diagnostic Institute of Pathology)

Puppets wearing special safety suits as personal protective equipment working at a laboratory bench and a short movie give a lively insight into the high security (BSL-3) laboratory at partner Med Uni Graz (Institute of Pathology).


Watching the video allows visitors to ‘experience' the work happening in a BSL-3 laboratory, by watching specially trained laboratory staff who entering the lab though negative pressure area, remove cultured cells from an incubator, infect cells with SARS-CoV-2 for drug testing and check infected cells with the microscope and final take a chemical shower for decontamination before leaving the high security laboratory and taking off the protective equipment



Biobank Graz

Visitors can get a great insight into biobanking by two different movies, short texts as well as objects that show how the samples are stored in a biobank. A drawer filled with FFPE blocks and slides, which is in a real biobank placed in high and stable metal cabinets, is exhibited. In addition, a metal rack, which is used in cryo-tanks to store the boxes with tubes filled with tissue samples, is presented.



About the exhibition "The Art of Healing, On the History of Medicine"

The art of healing is based on the maintenance of health and the healing of diseases and injuries. The exhibition project is set out to offer an overview on the history of medicine and healing starting with ancient medicine, folk medicine, monastery medicine, epidemics throughout history, right up to modern medical technology and, above all, the future of medical care. At the same time, its shows the dependence of medicine, medical practice and today's hospital medicine on political, economic, social and technological developments.


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Image: partner Med Uni Graz" at Schloss Trautenfels museum: Exhibition objects  visiualizing work in the BSL-3 high-security laboratory

(Contributors to BSL-3 high security lab movie: Esther Föderl-Höbenreich, Melina Hardt, Julia Rieger, Kurt Zatloukal - Diagnostics and Research Center for Molecular BioMedicine, Med Uni Graz)



Image: partner Med Uni Graz" at Schloss Trautenfels museum: Exhibition objects  visualizing work at Biobank Graz