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Medicine meets AI


Newspaper article in derStandard


Clever algorithms and artificial intelligence are intended to herald a new era in medical diagnosis


May 2022


At partner Med Uni Graz, Kurt Zatloukal, Heimo Mueller and their teams trained an algorithm by using thousands of histological sections from colon carcinomas from the Institute of pathology that are stored at Biobank Graz. This was done in collaboration with Internet giant Google, which provided the technical know-how and the computing.


There is often acute time pressure in the healthcare system. Especially when it comes to complex and delicate diagnoses. A concept that is traded as a revolution in the medical sector promises relief.


The algorithm discovered: If the tumor is in direct contact with fat cells, this indicated an aggressive course. "Once you see it, you can immediately recognize it yourself, without an algorithm," says Zatloukal. "Without algorithms, this connection has not yet been found."


Read original article in derStandards  (24 April 2022)


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derStandards  (24 April 2022)