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JOB Vacancy: Biobank Database Manager

Vacancy Note

Biobank Database Manager (40 h per week), TyrolPath Labor, AUSTRIA
Feb 2021




We are currently in the process of establishing a new biobank in Zams (Tirol, Austria) in order to contribute
anonymized residual samples and patient data to various scientific initiatives. We are therefore seeking
to recruit a Biobank Database Manager (BDM). ...


.... further information on job description and application (in English) here >>




If you would like to be part of our team, apply now!

Please send a written application and a full CV to
Gabl-Hasanovic Stephanie, Plangger Sabrina
Pathologie-Labor Dr. Obrist – Dr. Brunhuber OG
Klostergasse 1, 6511 Zams, Tirol.
To contact us by phone please call on 05442/66611-249