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Improving NGS - Open Market Consultation

Free virtual event


Take part in the „NGS in Healthcare" Open Market Consultation


22-23 March 2021


In the context of the EU project INSTAND-NGS4P, led by partner Med Uni Graz ( Director Kurt Zatloukal), an Open Market Consultation „NGS in Healthcare" with presentations, questions and discussions is organized. 


An Open Market Consultation aims at actively approaching the market to find out about the state of the art and current development in this sector. A first dialogue between demand and supply side takes place.


INSTAND‐NGS4P is an EU co-funded Pre-­Commercial Procurement (PCP) project for improving cancer patient's benefit from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) by developing an integrated and standardized NGS workflow.

For this, it will compile information from cancer gene testing, pharmacogenetics testing and e-­medication in proper presentation to medical doctors for supporting therapy decision making at bedside.

The project provides funding for a public consortium to address the unmet medical and technical needs. The Open Market Consultation will lay the foundation for a call for tenders, which will be published in September 2021.


WHEN: 22-23 March 2021


FREE registration / participation:


Montag 22.3. start at 11:00:

  • Project presentation

  • Clinical needs

  • Patient needs

  • Lot 1 – Pre-analytics and library preparation


Dienstag 23.3. start at 8:00 Uhr:

  • Lot 2 – Sequencing

  • Lot 3 – Bioinformatics

  • Lot 4 – E-reporting/E-medication

  • Conclusions



Open Market Consultation | Agenda | INSTAND-NGS4P Project (zip.file) >>        

More information on the project website

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