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How does Covid-19 vaccination work in immunodeficiency?


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How does Covid-19 vaccination work in immunodeficiency?


January 2022 partner Biobank Graz supported a research study at Med Uni Graz on the COVID-19 vaccination effect in immunocompromised people. The researchers came across an important cell type which could allow to predict how someone will respond to the COVID-19 vaccination.


The study focused on the analysis of B cells which are the "weapon factory of the immune system" and are activated once the T cells of the immune system have recognized the SARS-CoV-2 virus spike proteins.


In immunocompromised patients the vaccination response is generally lower after vaccination, but the study also shows that some of these patients can achieve antibody levels that are as good as in healthy people.


The scientists conclude that B-cell determination could predict vaccination effect.


Biobank Graz supported the researchers with recruiting of healthy study participants, advice on pre-analytical sample management, and sample storage and retrieval.



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