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How could drugs against corona help?

How could drugs against corona help?

Servus TV report | PM Wissen (2 Dec 2021) partner Med Uni Graz with research performed at its BSL-3 laborator in Servus TV report in PM Wissen (2 Dec 2021)


Around the world, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions are looking for special active substances against the corona virus. The aim is to turn them into medicines that one day could also be found in pharmacies. Possible active substances are also tested at the high-security laboratory at partner Med Uni Graz Austria. Here Prof. Zatloukal and his team have collaborations with several industry partners to fight against COVID-19.


Watch TV report at Servus TV (PM Wissen; 2 Dec 2021)>


Images: Servus TV "PM Wissen" (2 Dec 2021)