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Finding Samples and Data with BBMRI-ERIC Directory

Codex4SMEs Webinar

"Finding Samples and Data with the BBMRI-ERIC Directory & Negotiator" partner Med Uni Graz with Biobank Graz is partner in the project Codex4SMEs. In the context of this project a webinar on findins biobank samples and data in over 600 biobanks of BBMRI-ERIC members states - including Austria - is jointly organized with BBMRI-ERIC.


Date: 3rd December 2020, 14:00 - 15:00 CET

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Content / demonstrations:
- how to Browse biobank collections across Europe and get the samples and clinical data you need
- how to find samples from over 600 biobanks across Europe – and now beyond – via our Directory
- how to send sample requests to multiple biobanks using our Negotiator tool.