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Feline lymphoma cohort Partner's Sample Collection Profile

"Feline lymphoma cohort":

an outstanding sample collection at VetBiobank Vienna (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna)


Lymphoma is the most common tumor in cats. This neoplasia can develop in every tissue; however, the gastrointestinal tract is in contrast to dogs and people the most frequent localization in the feline species.


The prognosis for cats suffering from intermediate or high-grade lymphoma is still poor and research in this important veterinary area continues to be under-resourced.


The clinical cohort comprises neutered and unneutered male and female patients between 7 months and 15 years. Biospecimens are collected according SOPs. Tissue samples are collected in line with the ISO standards 20166 and 20184 and are therefore suitable for molecular investigations.


Profile of the feline lymphoma cohort:

Disease Area/

Research Area

Lymphoma in cats

Sample Types

Fixed and native samples from tumor and healthy reference tissues (FFPE, glutaraldehyde for electron microscopy, OCT, RNAlater, pure), serum, plasma, urine, feces;

Cohort Size

  • Complete set of samples and data with follow up examination for 36 patients available;
  • Collection start February 2016 - collection ongoing


  • untreated, treated
  • age
  • gender

Associated Data

Clinical data (anamnesis, treatment: medication, surgical intervention, laboratory results, imaging data..), sample management data, images from HE-stains;

Informed Consent

Approved by the patient owner

Access to

  • Internal academic research,
  • external academic research,
  • industrial research - cooperation preferred

Quality Standards

 Tissue samples were collected according to the sample pre-analytics standards:  CEN/TS 16826 1-2, CEN/TS 16827  1-3;


Sample Coordinator: VetBiobank, Ingrid Walter


Principle investigator: Birgitt Wolfesberger



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