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ERC Advanced Grants for team member

               team member Ulrike Felt receives renowned ERC Advanced Grant


May 2022


Science and technology researcher Ulrike Felt (University of Vienna), who leads in the work package on "Resonsible Research and Innovation in Biobanking", receives the two and a half million euros ERC Advanced Grant for new ground-breaking research project on the legacy or heritage of innovation societies.



The ERC grant program is intended to enable and advance fundamental pioneering research with high innovation potential.


In her ERC project, Ulrike Felt, Head of the Institute for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Vienna, wants to shift the perspective away from looking at new innovations towards their legacies. It is explicitly dedicated to three "residues" of large innovation fields, namely nuclear waste, microplastics and the collection and storage of digital data. Her goal is to understand the place of such residues in innovation societies, how we care for them, how this shapes our decisions about and relationships with innovations, and what role issues of sustainable future and responsibility play.



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