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Biobanks in personalized medicine participates in new Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine

      and BBMRI-ERIC informed about the role of biobanks in personalized medicine at the opening event of the ÖPPM in a presentation, on posters and at an exhibition booth.


In order to promote interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of personalized medicine in Austria and to strengthen Austria's ability to connect to European initiatives, the three partners Medical Universities of Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck have founded the Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine (ÖPPM) together with the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

On Oct 19-20, 2017 more than 200 participants attended the inauguarion event and scientific symposium in Vienna.


Biobanks play a role in several steps along the way to personalized diagnoses and therapies (Zatloukal & Hainaut, Biomarkers Med 2010). They strongly contribute to research and development in personalized medicine with large collections of patient samples but also with patient- and sample-associated data such as clinical, life-style and/or imaging data.


Zatloukal emphasizes: "The issues becoming more and more important for biobanks are:

  • The spectrum of types of biosamples will increase;

  • Data (complementing biosamples) become increasingly important;

  • Quality has to meet industry‘s requirements;

  • Implementation of CEN and ISO standards will become mandatory;

  • Longitudinal collections necessary;

  • Access needs to be facilitated."     




Picture in news header: (c) Med Uni Graz