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BBMRI Workshop on Trusted Research Environment

BBMRI Workshop on Trusted Research Environment 

Oct 2021


As initiated by, the Biobanking Research INfrastructure headquarters BBMRI-ERIC is organizing a virtual workshop on "Building a Trusted Research Environment".  The event will open the discussion on creating Trusted Research Environments (TREs) for data-sharing in health research.


When: Monday 18th October 2021, from 9 to 12 am CEST


The workshop aims at outlining the current landscape and contexts, providing new focus for national nodes and patients' organizations and showing examples of good practice in developing and using Trusted Research Environments.


The event is particularly addressing BBMRI-ERIC's Stakeholder Forum Patients Pillar and designated members from National Nodes:

Invited as participants are patient advocates, representatives from national patients' organizations, biobankers and BBMRI National Node from the BBMRI-ERIC members states


Among the chairs and speakers are Prof. Kurt Zatloukal ( Director; Med Uni Graz) and Prof. Ulrike Feld ( Work Package Leader for "Responsible Research & Innovation"; Uni Wien).



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