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"Crucial Role of High Quality Biosamples in Biomarker Development"


Cornelia Stumptner et al., in "Handbook for Biomarkers and Precision Medicine", 1st edition 2019, Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group                                                                                                                               contributed to the recently published Handbook for Biomarkers and Precision Medicine with an article about "Crucial Role of High Quality Biosamples in Biomarker Development" (C. Stumptner et al.).


As biomarkers in personalized medicine have to reflect the features of individual diseases in the biological samples used for biomarker analysis, the quality of biosamples is of utmost importance.


Several ISO standards and CEN Technical specifications for pre-analytical biosample processing have been published recently or are under development. They define quality requirements relevant for all those working with biosamples, such as diagnostic manufacturers, diagnostic laboratories, researcher and biobanks.


The relevance of standardization of biosample quality, existing and upcoming standards and CEN technical specifications and the role of biobanks in biomarker field are major topics of this article.