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Back at Europe Biobank Week 2019

     was actively participating in the Europe Biobank Week

in Lübeck (8-11 Oct 2019)


                                                                                                                                      consortium partners and biobanks attended the Europe Biobank Week and presented the achievements of their work in lectures, presentations, posters and on the exhibition stand. They used the conference for networking with the biobank community and for exchange of experiences with other BBMRI-ERIC National Nodes.


Presentation, Posters  & Booth booth #52 jointly with (Italy) & (Cyrpus)


Managing Data Quality for Biobanks

Eder J.


Results from DNA Quantification by Photometry and Fluorometry Depend on the Isolation Method

Vytisk, V, Gerner, M, Iravany, M, Mucher, P,Ponweiser, E, Repl, M, Wagner, O.F, Perkmann, T, Haslacher, H


The Value(S) of/in Infrastructuring the Biosciences: Reflecting Biobanking from a Social Science Perspective

Felt, U. Ferent, L.-M. Metzler  ... poster >>  


What are High-Quality Lighthouse Collections?

Neururer, S.B., Hofer-Picout, P., Göbel, G. ... poster >> – Biobanking research infrastructure & partner for research using biological samples C. Stumptner*(1),  J. Eder(4), U. Felt(3), L. Ferent(3), G. Goebel(5), F. Gruber (8), C. Gülly(1), S. Haan(4), H. Haslacher(2), P.  Hofer(2), P.  Hofer(5), L. Kedenko(6), R. Kofler(8), I. Metzler(3), S. Neururer(5), C. Ruckenbauer(7), B. Paulweber(6), V. Perz(1), V. Shekhovtsov(4), I.  Walter(7), M. Wieser(7), K. Zatloukal(1)    ... poster >>  


Monitoring of Biological Sample Cohorts: Keep an Eye on Your Collections!

Kara-Borni, M.,Marold, A., Hartl, G., Gülly, C., Sargsyan, K. ... poster >>   


Highlighting the Biological Resources Through Cohort Profile

Kara-Borni, M.,Marold, A.,Hartl, G.,Guelly, C., Sargsyan, K.  ... poster >>  


MIABIS Core V3: How to Better Represent Data-Driven Biobanks in Different Biobank Catalogues Eklund, N., … Mueller H et al.


Biobanking Education: To Whom it May Concern?

Hartl, G., Kara-Borni, M., Sargsyan K.


Use of the Biobanking 3.0 Concept to Analyse the Output of Internal Development Projects Regarding Quantity, Quality and Stakeholder Needs at Biobank Graz

Kara-Borni, M, Hartl, G, Simeon-Dubach, D, Sargysan, K


Data Curation by European Citizen Design

Walgemoed, P., Eussen, H., Stubbs, A., Müller, H.


Improving Translational and Governance Structures in Biobanking: Dos and Dont's

Goisauf, M., Durnová, A.