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Back as example of QM in biobanking

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Quality management at the national biobanking level

establishing a culture of mutual trust and support: the example


Helmuth Haslacher et al, Letter to the Editor, Clin Chem Lab Med, 2019



In a joint letter to the editor of the CCLM journal, which publishes articles on novel teaching and training methods applicable to laboratory medicine, BBMRI-ERIC and partners have outlined the quality management endeavors of to be used as a role model for other national-level biobank consortia.


The letter describes the steps taken toward a "harmonized quality management with reciprocal quality audits as an efficient means to harmonize quality management and as a sign of mutual trust and support within the national node". The Austrian academic biobanks have positively responding to the joint adoption of internationally valid standards, and hope that other biobank consortia will follow their lead.


Read the full letter here. Quality Management Coordinators / (co)authors of the letter