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2nd QM cross audit – Auditee: MedUni Wien Biobank

2nd QM cross audit performed at – Auditee: MedUni Wien Biobank



MedUni Wien Biobank successfully completed a quality management audit by peers from Graz, the VetMedUni Vienna and

BBMRI-ERIC based on the international QM standard ISO 9001 chapters on management and resource processes.


The biobank's audit was the second in the current cross-audit programme of the Austrian biobanking infrastructure (work package 3 "Quality Management", see also "1st cross audit").


These checklist-guided audits are based on the quality management standard ISO 9001 and provide both subject-specific consulting for the auditee and insight into established structures for auditors of "younger" biobanks. For this, a detailed audit report, elaborating the strengths and opportunities for improvement of the audited institution is compiled after each audit and disclosed to the consortium partners. This can be considered as a strong signal of mutual trust and a powerful commitment to a joint improvement of the biobanking community.


The cross-audit program will be continued in 2018 with visits and the audits of VetBiobank (VetMedUni Vienna) and MUI Biobank (Medical University of Innsbruck).