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“Implementing Biomedical Research Projects”

Virtual Workshop on "Implementing Biomedical Research Projects"


Learning about relevant steps and associated ethical, privacy, sample quality and biobanking issues during the conception and implementation of biomedical research projects. This was the goal of the online workshop held May 11 – 14, 2020. With international 39 participants from 14 countries the workshop was well visited.


The course was organized by Medical University of Graz (Project EASI Genomics), BBMRI-ERIC and the European Joint Programme Rare Diseases (EJP RD) and jointly held with the partners, QIAGEN and CBmed.


Among the speakers and topics were

  • Michaela T. Mayrhofer (BBMRI-ERIC) overview of ELSI in biobanking and privacy management
  • Irene Schlünder (BBMRI-ERIC ELSI Services & Research) Lecture on GDPR
  • Josef Haas (Ethics board of the Med Uni Graz) The role of ethics committees in biomedical Research
  • Peter M. Abuja (Med Uni Graz, EASI-Genomics) The Study Protocol – key elements and a description of the whole workflow (ethics, data management, privacy protection, patient selection, sample management and analysis)
  • Uwe Oelmüller (QIAGEN GmbH) Rationale for defining standardized pre-analytical workflows in light of the requirements of the IVDR ... view presentation >>
  • Cornelia Stumptner (Med Uni Graz, CEN/TS & ISO Pre-Analytics Standards at a Glance ... view presentation >>
  • Karine Sargsyan (Med Uni Graz ) State-of-the-art in standardized biobanking at the Graz Biobank
  • Prisca Pondorfer-Schäfer (Med Uni Graz) Sample procurement in co-operations with clinical partners – the clinical point of view